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Real Estate

Optimize your listing

with a multitude of

products and services from high quality still photos, video walkthrough tours, Matterport® 3D tours and more.

Three tiered system because we know each home is different:

-Tier 1- “Good” $120

Shot with wide angle lens, professional flash, and blue skies added if requested.  Good for rentals or homes that need some TLC.  This a softer look with more ambient, natural light coming through the windows.


-Tier 2- “Better” $145 

       Shot with wide angle lens, upgraded lighting system, multiple flashes placed throughout the home, blue skies added if needed.  Able to see more clearly out of the windows and into adjacent rooms.


-Tier 3- “Best” $195 

         Shot using multiple exposures which are handcrafted into magazine quality images.  Best for staged homes at a higher price point or open concept floorpans.  

Add on products:

Matterport 3D tours- Start at $250 (2,500 sq.ft.)

Drone still shots -$95 ($150 standalone)

Hybrid Photo/Drone video set to music- $160 ($175 standalone)

Video Walkthrough - $80 (plus tax)

Room measurements-$15

Return Fee- $75

Exterior Only- $100

Travel Fee- based on distance and toll roads -Pennsylvania properties additional.



Extra fees apply to homes greater than 3,000 square feet including basement & attic square footage if the areas are finished and you would like images from those spaces:

-Tier 1 (3,000-3,999  $145)  (4,000-4,999 $170)  (5,000-5,999 $195)  

-Tier 2 (3,000-3,999  $170)  (4,000-4,999 $195)  (5,000-5,999 $220)  

-Tier 3  (3,000-3,999  $235) (4,000-4,999 $285)  (5,000-5,999 $335)  

Rates subject to change at any time and will be disclosed at the time of booking service.

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